WCRP VAMOS/CORDEX Workshop on Latin-America and Caribbean CORDEX LAC: Phase I - South America

A partnership between CLIVAR/VAMOS and CORDEX

11th-13th September 2013, Lima, Perú

The VAMOS/CORDEX Workshop on Latin-America and Caribbean, CORDEX LAC: Phase I - South America brings together the international community of regional climate scientists to pursue an initial assessment of the various CORDEX downscaling initiatives over the South American and Central American CORDEX domains, to develop regionally focused vulnerability, impact and adaptation (VIA) user-knowledge, and to identify stakeholders’ needs so as to support the science-based information required for climate adaptation, mitigation and risk management in the region.

This event will provide a forum for addressing the following topics:

- Regional climate downscaling products for model evaluation, assessment of regional climate change projections and associated uncertainties, including extreme events.
- Vulnerability, impacts and adaptation analysis on key sectors (hydrology, agriculture, water resources, and health, among others).
- Implications for sustainable development and policy-making - building capacity contributing to a global framework for climate services.

The primary workshop focus will be on designing standard analysis procedures for the CORDEX South America and Central America outputs, on applying these methods in the context of the VIA needs, and on training the workshop participants on interpreting these results critically.

Call for abstracts
Call for abstracts, Online Registration and Abstract submission is now open. Details on the abstract format and length are available on-line.
Financial support for participation is intended mainly for early-career scientists and students from developing countries. Applications forms are available on-line HERE. More information HERE.

Important Dates:
20 Apr 2013 Call for abstracts, financial support and registration
01 Jun 2013 Deadline for abstract submission and support applications
30 Jun 2013 Notification to participants and applicants
15 Aug 2013 Confirmation of participation

11-13 Sep 2013 Workshop

Scientific steering  Committee:
Co-chairs: Dr. Ray Arritt (CLIVAR/VAMOS)
                  Dr. Silvina Solman (WCRP-CORDEX)
Dr. Carlos Ereno (CLIVAR/VAMOS and co-coordinator)
Dr. Clare Goodess (WCRP/WGRC)
Dr. Ken Takahashi (IGP and co-coordinator)
Dr. Holm Tiessen (IAI)
Dr. Carolina Vera (CIMA)
Dr. Filippo Giorgi (ICTP)
Dr. Michel Taylor (CCCCC)
Prof Dr. Manuel Limonta (ICSU-ROLAC)
Dr. Michel Rixen (WCRP)

Contact: Silvina Solman solman@cima.fcen.uba.ar