I Convection-Permitting Climate Modeling School

10 September 2022, C. A. Buenos Aires, Argentina

The 1st Climate-Permitting Climate Modelling School is a new initiative dedicated to form and prepare the new members of the climate modelling community at the convection-permitting resolution. It aims to transfer the expertise acquired within this 15 years of experience and to prepare the community for the challenges of the future.

It is aimed to PhD students and early career scientists, which their main topic is the climate modeling at convection-permitting resolution or the use of its climate data-sets.

In this first edition, the school will last a single day on 2022 September 10th, and it will take in place after the 'vi Convection-Permitting Climate Modelling Workshop' (viCPCMW, http://www.cima.fcen.uba.ar/cpcmw2022/index.php) in Buenos Aires city, Argentina

Attendance is limited to 40 places, due to space limitations of the room.
NOTE: School is limited to 'in person' attendance, it is not possible to offer it in 'virtual' mode.

Important dates:
Registration period: 15th June - 31st July
Confirmation: 1st August
  Assistance: viCPCMW organizing comittee
Roy Rasmussen,NCAR (USA)
Andreas Prein,NCAR (USA)

Teachers of the school will be representatives of the international community who will attend the viCPCMW. The venue will be within the UBA campus in Buenos Aires city in a building to confirm nearby the venue of the viCPCMW

School will have a fee to cover lunch and coffee breaks.

Contact Email: i.cpcms@cima.fcen.uba.ar

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