A Franco-Argentinean project

The main objectives of Southern Atlantic Currents project are to improve our understanding of the circulation on the Patagonian continental shelf, the dynamics of a major western boundary current the Malvinas Current and the interactions between them. In addition to having a scientific interest, these studies will also have an important socio-economical impact. The Patagonian continental shelf and adjacent shelf-break are one of the most productive areas of the World Ocean. Furthermore, these regions have a significant impact on the balance of atmospheric CO2 and therefore possible fluctuations may impact the climate.

This project is an UMI-IFAECI initiative, a franco-argentinean institute created on 1st of January 2010 in order to strengthen France-Argentina scientific collaboration on a research agenda oriented to better understand, simulate and predict climate variability and change, as well as their impacts in southern South America and surrounding Oceans, articulating the global scale and the regional scale, topic very relevant to the needs of Argentina.


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