Montevideo, Uruguay
March 17-21, 2014
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Hosted by
 Unidad de Ciencias de la Atmósfera
Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad de la República

The climate research community is facing a complex challenge that includes improving current knowledge on the climate system, the interactions among its components and the limits of predictability. The challenge also involves enhancing its ability to interact with other disciplines, particularly decision makers (including those who elaborate policy) and social scientists in order to translate climate knowledge into actionable information. This challenge exhibits important regional characteristics, including different socio-economic levels of exposition, vulnerability and adaptability to a variable and changing climate.

In view of that the WCRP Conference for Latin America and the Caribbean: Developing, linking, and applying climate knowledge (WRCP-LAC) is aimed at identifying gaps and ways to overcome limitations in the chain of knowledge going from basic to applied climate science and to informing policy and decisions that are particularly relevant for LAC. This will imply building interdisciplinary capacity, fostering the participation of decision and policy makers, climate and social scientists, and key intermediary institutions. Moreover, it is also expected that the WCRP-LAC could contribute to the discussions on the emerging provision of regional Climate Services.

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 Scientific Steering Committee:

 Co-Chairs: Walter Baethgen, Uruguay
                Celeste Saulo, Argentina
   Hugo Berbery (US, Int. CLIVAR liaison)
   Marcelo Barreiro (Uruguay)
   Roberta Boscolo (WCRP, liaison)
   Carlos Ereño (CLIVAR contact/coordinator)
   Rene Garreaud (Chile, GEWEX liaison)
   Rodney Martinez (CIIFEN)
   German Póveda (Colombia)
   Sandro Schlindwein (Brazil)
   Pedro Silva Dias (Brazil)
   Michael Taylor (Jamaica)
   Holm Tiessen (Int, IAI)
   Carolina Vera (Argentina, JSC liaison)
   Fernanda Zermoglio (Chile)

Local Organizing Committee:

Marcelo Barreiro
Madeleine Renom 

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