VI Convection-Permitting Climate Modeling Workshop

7-9 September 2022, C. A. Buenos Aires, Argentina


Workshop will based on scientific contributions from the community in fort of short oral presentations or A0-size posters.

The workshop aims to foster discussion and interaction among attendees. In this sense, a series of keynotes and discussion over key topics related to convection-permitting climate modeling activities.

Keynotes & discussion panels

1. How can CPM modeling contribute to climate services in South America?
  • Celeste Saulo, Director National Weather Service and first vice president of WMO, Argentina
  • Matilde Rusticucci, DCAO, UBA-CONICET & LA of IPCC AR6 WG2 Chapter 12, Argentina
2. Best practices in constructing regional climate change information (Roy Rasmussen, Andreas Prein moderate)
  • Elisabeth Kendon, Met OFfice, United Kingdom
  • Alex Hall, UCLA, USA
  • Lai-yung Ruby Leung, PNNL, USA
  • Anna Sörensson, CIMA & CLA of IPCC AR6 WG1 Chapter 10, Argentina
  • Aiguo Dai, U. Albany, USA
3. Data archive and access challenges
  • Malcolm Roberts, Met OFfice, United Kingdom
  • Guillaume Levavasseur, IPSL, France
4. What to learn from forecasting?
  • Linda Schlemmer, DWD, Germany
5. What are unique topics that we have to simulate in CPM models that are not relevant in NWP
  • Bodo Ahrens, Goethe-Universitkät, Germany
  • Francina Dominguez, U. Illinois, USA
  • Jhan Carlo Espinoza, IRD, France
  • Wojtek Gabowsky, NCAR, USA
  • Christopher Schär, ETH, Switzerland
  • Jan Polcher, LMD, IPSL, CNRS, IRD, France
  • Mariano Masiokas, IANIGLA, Argentina
6. What are some of the unique contributions that the CPM community can make to the next IPCC report?
  • Paola A. Arias, U. Antioquia & LA of IPCC AR6 WG1 Chp 8, Colombia
  • Alejandro Di Luca, U. du Québec à Montréal, LA of IPCC AR6 WV1 Chp 11, Canada
  • Hiroaki Kawase, JMA, Japan
7. CP and impact studies and policy making
  • Jason P. Evans, UNSW ARC CCRC, Australia
  • Chris Lennard, CSAG/UCT & LA of ICC AR6 WG2 Chp 9, South Africa
  • Silvina Solman, CIMA, CORDEX SAT & GEWEX RifS, Argentina
NOTE: Only confirmed speakers are shown. There are pending confirmations of some speakers

Main topics

The main topics of the present edition are:
  • The added value of convection-permitting climate simulations
  • Mechanisms of extreme events by using very high resolution model
  • Event-based storyline approaches to climate change
  • South American high resolution modeling research activities
  • Towards global convection-permitting modeling
  • Co-production of climate impact information based on convective permitting models and observations
  • Relation between climate modeling - impact studies - policy makers communities
  • Benefits of convection-permitting climate modeled data for impacts assessments and policy making

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