VI Convection-Permitting Climate Modeling Workshop

7-9 September 2022, C. A. Buenos Aires, Argentina


Buenos Aires City is a huge metropolitan area with a large variety of inhabitants and social realities. It is an international tourism hot-spot, but, nevertheless, we encourage you to pay attention to your personal belongings when traveling around the city.
The workshop venue can be reached either by public transport with some of the many metropolitan buses that reach the campus, train, taxi or Uber.
“Do not show-off, and show-up at the workshop!”

Logistical Information


The currency of Argentina is the PESO ($). The exchange rate between PESO and USD at present (September 1, 2022) is about $137 : U$S1. The exchange rate between PESO and EURO at present is about $138.69 : €1. Credit cards such as Visa, American Express and Master Card are acceptable at hotels, large restaurants and shops.
Note that due to currency exchange restrictions in Argentina it is very difficult to change back pesos to US dollars or Euros.
There is an unofficial change marked known as the 'dollar blue'. It almost doubles the change with respect to official exchange officese, but 'dollar blue' offices are often in less visible places. Western Union offices offer a reasonable at safer change 5% below the un-official rate of exchange.
One can get Argentinean pesos at the airport. There are different ATM machines and some currency exchange agencies inside the airport that can be used to get some pesos argentinos before traveling to the hotel.

Transportation from/to the airport

A taxi or remis ride from the Ezeiza International Airport to downtown will have a cost of about 6500 pesos.
If you wish to take a remis or taxi, book it with one of the authorized agencies that you will find at the airport, just at the exit from the custom area. Remis is a type of transportation where one purchases a drive with a private chauffeur at a fixed price, independently of its time duration. The chauffeur picks you up from the office of the company and brings you to your final destination without any further charge than a potential tip. Check the website
Otherwise, an alternative is the Bus company 'Manuel Tienda Leon', which has buses departing to Buenos Aires city every 30' at a cost of 1800 pesos. The booth of the company is in the arrival area at the Ezeiza airport. The bus is direct to the bus terminal (Terminal Madero located in Av. Madero 1299, Buenos Aires, -look at the map in venue-) or to the Obelisco -look at the map in venue- which are in the central area of Buenos Aires. The company also offers a minibus service to drop you at your hotel from the bus terminal (Terminal Madero located in Av. Madero 1299, Buenos Aires). This service is recommended - you should book it upfront when buying your ticket ( The bus with dropping off service has a cost of 2000 pesos (1800 pesos: bus to the terminal + 200 pesos: minibus to the hotel). The website of the Aeropuerto Internacional Ezeiza provides you with more information regarding transport from and to the airport.

VISA information

Please, for attendees that require VISA to enter the country we require enough time (at least 4 months prior to the beginning of the workshop), in order to prepare the letter of invitation from our Dean. See the need of VISA for your country of origin from this web page of the inmigration department: ('No Requiere Visa', VISA not needed; 'Requiere Visa', VISA needed)

Immigration Rates

Citizens of the United States, Canada and Australia visiting the country, before entering Argentina must pay the “Reciprocity Fee”. The payment should be done by credit card following the instructions in


September is Spring time in Argentina. Mean climate conditions in Buenos Aires City are Current Weather in Buenos Aires and 4-Day Forecast:

Time Zone

UTC/GMT -3 hours


The standard voltage is 220V, 50 Hz. The typical power plugs are the I type and, less frequent, C type. Electricity in Argentina.


Please be aware of pickpockets. Try to avoid walking with valuable things.


If you can't walk to your destination, you can travel around Buenos Aires:
By Bus and Metro: the ticket costs 30 pesos and is mandatory to use an electronic card called 'SUBE' which can be purchased in street kiosks.
By Taxi: you can look for (or the hotel can call) a Radio Taxi, which you can identify by the “Radio Taxi” logo on top or side of the car. Try to avoid taking a taxi on the street.
By Remis: Another option is to call a “Remis” which is a private, unmarked car that operates at a fixed rate.

We strongly recommend to print this information before your travel, in order to have the information in case of absence of internet connection

What to visit in Buenos Aires

In case you have some time left we provide a short list of potential visits in Buenos Aires
  • 'La Boca'
  • : the old sailor suburb where there are the traditional nice coloured houses and tango images (at the East of the city near by Riachuelo river, reachable by bus)
  • 'Palermo': the most vibrant side in Buenos Aires, full of bars / restaurants and life in the streets. Some people compare it with the SOHO (located at the spatial centre of the city, reachable by sub-way, line-D Plaza Italia, center at Plaza Serrano')
  • 'Sant Elmo': the old side which cover most of the central part of the city, starts at the 'Casa Rosada' (Presidential palace). Along the 'Defensa' street you crossed all the suburb. Full of restaurants, bars, and 'old staff' open markets (reachable by subway). At the end of Defensa street, there is the lifefull 'Sant Elmo market' and the 'Plaza Dorrego' with some artists and tango dancers ('gala diner' will take place in a restaurant there)
  • 'Casa Rosada' & 'Plaza de Mayo': This hosts the presidential palace and the square in front were the 'Abuelas de la plaza de Mayo' marched for their lost ones during the last dictatorship (reachable by sub-way)
  • 'Av. de Mayo': this street connects the parliament and 'Casa Rosada'. It is one of the best streets in Buenos Aires in architectonic terms. (reachable by sub-way)
  • 'Recoleta': this is the centre-prized of the city. His cemetery hosts some high profile argentinians like 'Eva Perón'. Nice for walks [reachable by sub-way]
  • 'Bosques de Palermo': A nice huge green park with an iconic rose garden in the middle and some lakes. It might be cold in September but it offers very pleasant walks
  • 'Av. Corrientes - 9 de Julio': these are one of the most important streets in Buenos Aires. Where they met there is the 'Obelisco' (a sort of Egyptian obelisk). Av. Corrientes is home at that area of about 50 theatres. Nearby there is the 'Teatro Colón', the opera house of Buenos Aires [reachable by sub-way]
  • 'Museo ESMA': This is the old army school where some of the tortures during the last dictatorship happened. They keep the main house as it was, as a museum, but also, because it is still used to judge some of the army people involved. Is it hard. [reachable by bus, at the Buenos Aires city end of 'Avenida del Libertador']
  • 'Tecnópolis': Science park with plenty of dinosaurs representations at the outskirts of Buenos Aires [reachable by taxi]
  • 'Parque de la Memória': nearby the Workshop venue, there is this large park to remember the 30,000 missed of the last dictatorship
  • 'El Ateneo grand splendid': This is an old theatre converted to book shop. (Av. Santa Fe 1860)
  • 'Centro Cultural Kirchner' (CCK): Free entrance museum full of cultural activities [reachable by sub-way, at the city center]
  • There are some museums like: Museo Nacional de Bellas artes, MALBA, 'Mueso de Arte Moderno', 'Etnographic museum' and the 'Evita' museum
  • NOTE for soccer fans: We strongly advise against visiting any soccer stadium during an official match alone. We strongly recommend to attend a match with a trusteable local supporter
Buenos Aires is a reasonable safe city. You might be 95% sure to take a taxi from the street and take buses. But one needs to be aware, certainly care all the times for your belongings and avoid some areas of the cities. Main turistic areas are safe, even in night.

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