Trabajos Científicos

Año: 2015

Revistas con Referato

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Libros y Capitulos de Libro

González, M.H.; Garbarini, E.M.; Romero, P.E. (2015). Rainfall patterns and the relation to atmospheric circulation in northern Patagonia (Argentina). En: Advances in Environmental Research. Artículo .

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Revistas, Reportes y Notas Técnicas

Comunicaciones Científicas a congresos, reuniones y conferencias

Congresos con referato

XII Congreso Argentino de Meteorología. . Mar del Plata, Argentina. . 26 al 29 de mayo de 2015.
::Gulizia,C.; Hannart,A.; Camilloni,I. ,2015. Diseño y aplicación de un modelo simple de relación precipitación-caudal..
::Blázquez,J.; Solman.S.A. ,2015. Variabilidad intraestacional de la actividad frontal en invierno y su impacto en las anomalías de precipitación sobre Sudamérica y océanos adyacentes. .
::Luz Clara Tejedor,M.; Simionato,C.G.; Jaureguizar,A.; Guerrero,R. ,2015. Variabilidad de la temperatura superficial del Mar en El Rincón, plataforma continental Argentina norte. .

International Ocean Colour Science Meeting 2015. . San Francisco, Estados Unidos de Norte América. . 15 al 18 de Junio de 2015.
::Dogliotti,A.; Vanhellemont,Q.; Ruddick,K.; Gossn,J.; Moreira,D.; Simionato,C.G. ,2015. Using high spatial resolution satellite imagery to detect fine scale sediment features in the Rio de la Plata turbid waters..

IPCC Workshop on Regional Climate Projections and their Use in Impacts and Risk Analysis Studies . São José dos Campos, Brazil São José dos Campos, Brazil. 15-18 of September 2015.
::Anna Sörensson, Carolina Vera, Vicente Barros, María Inés Ortiz de Zárate ,2015. Impact studies of 3rd National Assessment of Argentina: Data Portal and key results.
::I.Camilloni ,2015. Regional climate projections, precipitation changes and flooding: the connection between science and practice. Oral. Presentacion Invitada.
::I. Camilloni, S. Solman, V. Barros, A.F.Carril and M.N. Nuñez. ,2015. Climate Change in Argentina: Third National Communication- The framework for model selection and development of high resolution climate projections (Poster).

11th International Conference on Southern Hemisphere Meteorology and Oceanography.. Santiago, Chile. 5-9 October 2015.
::Martín Jacques-Coper, Carolina Vera, Bibiana Cerne, Olivia Martius, Stefan Brönnimann ,2015. The tropics meet the mid-latitudes: MJO as a driver of summer temperature variability in Eastern Patagonia (Poster).
::Diaz, L.; Vera, C.S. ,2015. South American precipitation changes simulated by PMIP3/CMIP5 models during the Little Ice Age and the recent Global Warming Period (Poster).
::Marisol Osman, Carolina Vera ,2015. Predictability and prediction skill of the main modes of summer circulation variability in the Southern Hemisphere..
::Ramiro Ignacio Saurral, Vicente Barros, Inés Camilloni ,2015. Sea ice concentration variability over the Southern Ocean and its impact on precipitation in southeastern South America (Poster) .
::Carla Gulizia, Alexis Hannart, Inés Camilloni ,2015. Design and application of a simple rainfall-runoff statistical model in La Plata Basin (Poster).
::Rodrigo Abarca-del-Rio, A. Hannart, P. Naveau, O. Mestre ,2015. Towards the homogenization of Southern and Central America climate record: how far from state-of-the-art standards are presently available gridded datasets? (Poster).
::Eugenia Garbarini, Paula Romero, Marcela González ,2015. Rainfall patterns and the relation to atmospheric circulation in northern Patagonia (Argentina) Poster.
::Maria Soledad Osores, Juan Ruiz, Estela Collini, Arnau Folch, Rogeli Grima Torres, Fernando Cucchietti ,2015. Volcanic ash dispersion forecasts in Argentina: a probabilistic approach for uncertainty quantification (Poster).
::Inés Mercedes Leyba, Martín Saraceno, Silvina Solman ,2015. Study of ocean-atmosphere interaction in the Southwest Atlantic Ocean using the heat fluxes associated with mesoscale processes (Poster).
::Moira Doyle, Vicente Barros ,2015. Relationship between global temperature, precipitation and atmospheric circulation patterns (Poster).
::Alejandro Anibal Godoy, Carolina Vera, François Lott ,2015. Cut-off lows in southern South America in climate simulations of the twentieth century by CMIP5 models (Poster).
::Maria Eugenia Dillon, Yanina Garcia Skabar, Juan Ruiz, Eugenia Kalnay, Marcos Saucedo, Estela Collini ,2015. Evaluation of an ensemble based data assimilation system over Southern South America: Sensitivity to the use of perturbed boundary conditions.

EMBRACE Workshop on CMIP5 Model Analysis and Scientific Plans for CMIP6.. Dubrovnik, Croacia.. 20 al 23 de octubre de 2016.
::Gulizia,C.; Camilloni,I. ,2015. Assessment of moisture transport and convergence fields in CMIP3 and CMIP5 Global Climate Models in South America. Poster.

9th International Conference on Tidal Sedimentology – Tidalites 2015.. Puerto Madryn.. 17-19 de noviembre de 2015..
::Simionato,C.G.; Luz Clara Tejedor,M.; D’Onofrio,E.; Moreira,D. ,2015. Future sea level rise and changes on tides in the Patagonian continental shelf.Presentacion oral..
::Simionato,C.G.; Moreira,D.; Gohin,F.; Cayocca,F.; Luz Clara Tejedor,M. ,2015. Suspended matter mean distribution and seasonal cycle in the Río de la Plata Estuary and the adjacen shelf from ocean color satellite (MODIS) and in-situ observations. Trabajo completo y Presentacion oral..

Jornada de la red franco-argentina de Investigadores 2015. . Buenos Aires, Argentina. . 26 de Noviembre 2015.
::Simionato,C.G. ,2015. Actividades en el marco de la UMI/IFAECI. Presentacion oral..

Reuniones Científicas sin publicación de resúmenes extendidos

Advanced school and workshop on subseasonal to seasonal prediction and application to drought prediction. . Trieste, Italia. 23/11/2015 al 4/12/2015..
::Osman,M.; Vera,C.S. ,2015. Predictability and skill of the Southern Hemisphere summer circulation through the representation of the main modes of variability. .

Talleres / Workshops

Conferencias por Invitacion

Osman,M.; Vera,C.S.;Predictability and prediction skill of the main modes of summer circulation variability in the Southern Hemisphere.
11th International Conference of Southern Hemisphere Meteorology and Oceanography.. 2015-10-15. Santiago de Chile, Chile.
Osman,M; Vera,C.S. ;Predictability and prediction skill of South American Climate.
XII Congreso Argentino de Meteorología. . 2015-05-26. Mar del Plata, Argentina.
Camilloni, I.;Proyecciones climáticas.
Evento de difusión del Quinto Informe de Evaluación del IPCC (AR5). . 2015-09-03. Buenos Aires.
Camilloni, I.;Escenarios de cambio climático y vulnerabilidad.
VI Seminario Internacional Universidad, Sociedad y Estado. . 2015-11-05. Mendoza.
Camilloni, I. ;Estudios de Caso en el cono sur. Análisis de Vulnerabilidad a inundaciones en la región metropolitana de Buenos Aires bajo Escenarios de Cambio Climático.
Simposio Internacional "Análisis de vulnerabilidad al cambio climático: Aprendizajes metodológicos y nuevos enfoques". . 2015-07-10. Bogotá, Colombia.

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